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Д-р Хюлия Рюстемова

Dr. Julia Ryustemova

Graduated doctor - MU - Pleven, since 2015.

Specialization in eye diseases in the period 2015-2020. -SOBAL-Burgas Ltd. "Dr. Ivanovi"

Acquired specialty in eye diseases - Varna, 2020


Trainings and symposia in Bulgaria, Austria, France, as follows:

Course-Ultrasound of the eye and orbit at MU-Sofia;

Course-Angiography, OST, Clinical correlations at MU-Sofia;

Theoretical course - "Lasers in Ophthalmology" XIII Congress of BDO - 2019;

Vitreoretinal symposium for intraocular tumors and retinal diseases - Plovdiv 2018.

Annual conference of the Association of Cataract and Refractive Surgery - 2016 and 2019;

National Congress of BDO 2017, 2019

News in Ophthalmology 2016, 2018;

17th Symposium of the Bulgarian Glaucoma Society -2018. Sofia city

20th Meeting of the Union of Ophthalmologists in Bulgaria "Right to Sight 2020"

36th Congress ESCRS, Vienna, Austria –2018

37th ESCRS Congress; Paris, France - 2019


Additional qualification:

Practical course: "PHACO - cataract surgery" - Vienna 2018.

Practical course - Intravitreal application of drugs - News in ophthalmology 2018; -Congress of BDO 2019.

Course-practical training in "Pediatric Ophthalmology" - eye clinic, Alexandrovska Hospital at MU-Sofia;

Treatment of dry eye and blepharitis through an intense pulsed light procedure, Alma Lasers OptiClear IPL Training.


Eyelid surgeries: chalation, excision of formations, entropion, ectropion, dermatochalase, etc .;

Superficial corneal surgery - removal of pterygium, therapeutic abrasion.



2018 - "News in ophthalmology" - "Small chalation, big problem!"

  • Member of:

  • Bulgarian Medical Association

  • Bulgarian Society of Ophthalmology

  • Bulgarian Glaucoma Society

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