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д-р Светослав Дойчинов

Dr. Svetoslav Doichinov

Graduated doctor - MU - Sofia, since 1996

Acquired specialty in eye diseases - Sofia, 2003

Diploma for Health Management 2018


Excimer vision correction: certified 2010 - PARIS, with about 2500 procedures performed so far;

Keratoconus therapy with Crosslinking - performed about 300 procedures;

PHACO - small incision cataract surgery: 2015 - Nagpur, INDIA with about 150 operations performed so far.

OST, FA, Perimetry, Lasers in Ophthalmology, Ultrasound in Ophthalmology;


Additional qualification:

Practical course: "PHACO - cataract surgery" - PRAGUE 2011

Didactic course: "Dealing with complications at LASIK" - MILAN 2012

Didactic course: "Surface laser corrections - PRK, SBK, EpiK" - MILAN 2012

Personal course with Dr. Dan Ranstein - "Monovision and Micromovision" - SOFIA 2012

Practical course for implantation of Cararing - AMSTERDAM 2013


Qualified and with operational experience for performing laser corrections by the methods: LASIK, LASEK, PRK, TransPRK, SBK, EpiK, CV (custom vision - individual surgery in patients with high aberrations), Monovizion, µ-monovizion, PTK - in traumatic scars .

Many years of experience in the treatment of keratoconus: Cross-linking; Transepithelial Cross-linking; combined procedures CXL + PRK + CV (correction and treatment of keratoconus I - III st.);

Laser capsulotomy for secondary curtains;

Laser for Glaucoma: Selective, for lowering intraocular pressure in open Glaucoma and EAG laser iridotomies in closed Glaucoma;

Laser photocoagulation of the retina;

Eyelid surgeries: chalation, excision of formations, entropion, ectropion, dermatochalase, bags under the eyes, aesthetic intradermal suture, etc .;

Superficial corneal surgery - removal of pterygium, therapeutic abrasion.



In the period 1999 - 2003 - repeated participation in the forums organized in Bulgaria;

2009 - Plovdiv - "Central corneal thickness with different devices";

2010 - Sofia - "SBK - LASIK";

2013 - Amsterdam - "Crosslinking - CXL EPI ON";

2013 - "News in Bulgarian ophthalmology" - "Crosslinking - EPI ON or EPI OFF";

2014 - Ljubljana - "Crosslinking - CXL EPI ON shortcomings";

2016 - Copenhagen - "New generation multifocal intraocular lenses"

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